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Nativnux Aquarium Logger


Tired of keeping a log book on your aquariums ?

This application is an electronic version of a log book. It helps you keep track of all measurements / observations – and it makes it easy to check on the history of your aquarium.


There’s no predefined set of measurements (kH, pH, etc …), you are in control of all these types of actions. The application comes preinstalled with a basic set of actions, but you can edit / delete / add new ones. For example, it is not uncommon to have various sets of Calcium measurements kits (Sera, or Hanna, etc …) thus you can add both of them and input values depending on which one you use.

With a quick glance you have access to the history of your aquarium which helps planing ahead or determining whatever you need to do.

There are two types of actions. Repeating actions (you have full control defining them based on your needs) as well as notes you consider worthy of mentioning. Do you notice a plant started to grow better ? Or a coral ? Add it as a note. Did you do a water change, measured pH or added some type of fertilizer ? Add it as an entry of type Water Change with value 7.

– You can track as many aquariums you want.
– Unlimited number of log entries for each aquarium.
– Unlimited number of types of actions that you can add (and you can remove the predefined ones)
– Database import / export for backup purposes.
– English / French translations
– Grouping of actions by days in relative time: “X days ago”.
– You can add / remove photos for each log entry (to keep track of plants / fish / coral growth)
– No Privacy Permisions requested (Internet permissions to be able to serve ads, sdcard access permission needed for the log file as well as for the Database Import / Export operations).
– Charting ability for actions (it uses the first number found on the Value line, so you can anything else around the number as long as you use space around it to separate it from the text). You can select multiple actions to have them charted at once.
– Calendar reminders for each activity of an aquarium.
– Searching within the log entries of each aquarium. You can search by name / value.
– Navigation Drawer for ease of switching between aquariums.

Nativnux Aquarium Logger Pro Unlocker

Ads can be eliminated from the application by buying the Pro Unlocker:

If you have feedback or ideas that might help improve the application or the chores of maintaining the aquarium, please use the “Send feedback” feature.


PS: the screenshots are for the unlocked version of the application.



Current Date 1×1 Widget


Highly configurable widget that displays the current date on the Home Screen using a 1×1 square.


  • saves precious screen space
  • saves finger movements, not having to drag the notification bar to check the current date
  • saves battery life since there’s only one event firing at midnight to refresh with the new date.
  • supports multi-language as it is using the phone’s months / days predefined values.

Header (colored bar on top) as well as Body (the white space) are configurable.

Clicking the widgets opens the phone’s calendar.

To reconfigure the widget you have to remove the widget and add a new one by selecting the values you want.