Wakeup Daydream

Would you like to use your tablet as a live billboard showing the current time as well as the RSS feed of your choice with large fonts that you could read from across the room ?

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Nativnux Aquarium Logger

Tired of keeping a log book on your aquariums ?

This application is an electronic version of a log book.

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iptraf Installer

GUI Installer for iptraf 3.0.0 cross compiled for Android ARM platforms.

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Immersive Wallpapers

Description 12 hand picked, immersive, spectacular, diverse, saturated HD wallpapers for you to enjoy! The application allows you to select which part of the photos (bundled within) you would like to have as a background. 12 available now, more applications to follow! Download SpectacularWallpapers.apk

Nativnux Installer

GUI Installer for Midnight Commander cross compiled for Android ARM platforms.

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Current Date 1×1 Widget

Highly configurable widget that displays the current date in a single 1×1 square.

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