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iptraf Installer

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Installer for iptraf 3.0.0 cross-compiled for ARM platforms.

Prerequisites: rooted phone and busybox installed on /system/xbin.
You also need to have about 1Mb free on your /system partition.


To use iptraf, you need to either have an SSH server on your phone (for example DroidSSHd) and connect using Putty from your PC, or you can use the Terminal Emulator (please see attached screenshots).

Any terminal emulator application should work, but iptraf requires at least 80×24 characters screen so for smaller screens you might need to reduce the font size a lot to make it fit.

The price is payed for the installer and the effort to have iptraf cross-compiled for Android, since iptraf is distributed under GPL license. Put in a different way, you are just buying me a beer for making it easier for you to have iptraf on your phone!


If you decide to connect using SSH, the trouble is that iptraf will show the SSH traffic too – something that you might not want to have there constantly updating.

It would seem intuitive to create a filter which excludes SSH port from the traffic, but once you do that, iptraf will not show anything else; iptraf actually has an “implicit no-display” policy meaning that once you apply a filter (include / exclude) nothing else is displayed, even if the filter is Exclude mode. You will need to have an additional Include entry added to the filter (after the Exclusion entry taking care of the SSH port) where everything is 0 and all the ports have an Y next to them. Please check attached screenshots as an example on how the entries of the filter should look like.

Please do not forget to “Apply filter…” every time you change something in the filters. X saves the filter, Ctrl-X cancel the changes, but even if you press X, the filter is not yet applied unless you Apply the filter.



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